Computer Science & Information Technology is a never ending field, I've prepared myself from beginning for learning new approaches and technologies in this incessant process. My passion is teach people what I've gathered deep from any tech. Nothing is more valuable to me than working new people with same interest, sharing ideas and grasp from their experience.


This amazing Programmer, Umang Suthar and me, were wroking upon some algorithm experiments listed down.

A Text to Text Steganography Algorithm

This algorithm will convert your plain text or message into a story. Initial testing is done with training data of spams where output will be a new generated spam mail which can only be decoded to plain text via signature of the set of the spam or stories.

Anonymous String matching Algorithm

We wanted to develop an algorithm whcich can search given substring in O(n+t) time where n is length of the string and t is a constant indicating preprocessing time. This algorithm was experimented by dusing RK and KMP algorithms.


Research Engineer

2016 - Present
Arcobotics Edutech, Ahmedabad

Learning and documenting Hardware related to IOT.
Making prototype projects for students so that they can understand IOT pretty easily.

Web Engineer

Sept. 2016 - Jan. 2017
Mobio Solutions

The job was to provide Back-end Modular Solutions for ERP like Lead Management System & Complain management Systems.

UX + Business Logic

Jun. 2015 - Sept. 2015
Entourage Solutions, Ahmedabad

Made Back-office modules for a cab company. Technologies I worked upon were Laravel MVC & Angular JS. I gained real experience of working with 'git' among team members


These are some of the major projects I've done throughout my career.

EasyT (The hackathon Project) — 2016 - EasyT (Tutor) was a light weight replica of Moodle with functionality of embedding MCQ exams. It also included graphical representation & bifurcation of exam results.
Durain (Mobio Solutions) — 2016 - I made modules to keep follow up of the Marketing chain of a company.
Request Management System for CA (Mobio) — 2016 - I made modules for existing real world client requesting process of CA.
WebLogMe (Diploma Final year) — 2015 - It was a Blogging system, that manages User's posts (Add/Edit/Update/Delete), without Database. That provides no server side Executions for Post reader, so Faster to retrieve.
Lyrics Portal (JavaScript, PHP) — 2014 - Search Music Lyrics from all over the world.
Project Management System — 2014 - Search and Download Projects related to your Fields. Upload Projects if you’ve created any.

Online Fun Modules

Skills & Proficiency

Javascript / JQuery / Angular 1.5 / p5

Node.js / Express / Cylon / ES6

Making / 3D Modeling / IOT / Arduino

Python / Django / flask

PHP5 / Laravel 5.1

MongoDB / MySql / Firebase / SQLite / Neo4j